SunPower Dealer

PRVL Energy is a certified SunPower solar panels distributor in Utah, offering homeowners and commercial businesses the best choice in quality solar panel construction and expert installations.

Why Choose SunPower®?


There are a lot of choices today when it comes to solar power manufacturers, but not all solar panels are created equal. Choosing the wrong solar panels can have long-lasting consequences, since these panels are designed to last for decades and help you capture energy from the sun to power your home for years to come.

SunPower® has been working to create the highest quality solar panels for more than 35 years, starting way back in 1985 when Dr. Richard Swanson, a professor of electrical engineering at Stanford, received a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy and Electric Power Institute to try and create a device that could effectively capture the sun’s energy to supply power to homes and businesses. Today they offer industry-leading solar panels for residential and commercial applications.



One of the main factors to look for in your solar panels is efficiency, or how well it can convert photovoltaic energy from the sun into AC electricity that you can use. Different manufacturers use different materials and processes, which affect how well your panels work in the real world. SunPower solar panels have an industry-leading 22.8% efficiency rating, providing 60 to 70% more energy than competitors in panels of the same size.




SunPower stands behind the quality of the panels they build, offering a world-class 25-year power and product warranty. If something goes wrong with your SunPower solar panels during that warranty period, you’ll get them repaired or replaced with no hassle. However, it’s unlikely you will even need to redeem that warranty; in all the years they have been providing solar panels, SunPower has only seen one panel returned for every 20,000 they install. PRVL Energy is a SunPower solar panels dealer, so we’ll honor all the product warranties and back it up with our own quality guarantee on installation.

Beauty & Curb Appeal


Going green is great, but you also need to make sure that when you get solar panels installed, you’re protecting the long-term value of your home. Solar panels from SunPower are built with a black-on-black sleek design and a proprietary mount to minimize the appearance of the panels, with 70% fewer visible parts than some of our competitors. That keeps your roof looking great and bulky panels won’t detract from the benefits that solar can provide.


Built to Last


SunPower solar panels were rated #1 in durability using Fraunhofer Durability Testing protocols, outscoring the competition on reliability, degradation rates, energy production, and shading impact. In addition, the entire panel as well as all the accessory parts are covered under a single warranty to save you time and headache if something happens. Other protections include durable covers that eliminate light-induced degradation on sunlight exposure and solid copper foundations for more strength and efficiency.


Plus SunPower was the first company to receive the coveted Cradle to Cradle Silver Designation, which recognizes products that meet five categories: material health, re-utilization, renewable energy, carbon management, water stewardship, and social fairness.

What is a SunPower Dealer?


SunPower dealers are solar installation companies carefully selected for quality and performance. After all, if you’re going to manufacturer the best solar panels in the industry, you want the best installers to provide a high level of customer service to residential and commercial clients.


As a SunPower solar panels dealer, PRVL Energy installers:


  • Are heavily vetted by SunPower to make sure they have the right skills

  • Have the most up-to-date training in the solar industry

  • Get regular training on new skills to stay current on trends and improvements

  • Follow strict service standards and meet SunPower’s criteria for customer service

  • Can handle a project of any size and scope, including small residential projects all the way up to enormous commercial solar arrays

  • Have all the proper certifications and licensing for solar installation in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas in Utah


In addition to these initial qualifications, there are some other perks to working with our experienced SunPower dealers in Utah:


  • PRVL Energy has SunPower solar panels in stock, allowing us to get your installation done sooner without waiting for an order of panels to arrive from the manufacturer.

  • Our installers have vast knowledge of SunPower panels and solar panels in general, which means we can help you understand the entire process and provide answers along the way (even if you don’t really know which questions you should be asking).

  • PRVL Energy installers are constantly evaluated by SunPower to ensure that our quality remains consistent and in line with the company’s standards, so you know you’re always getting the best.


Why Trust PRVL as Your SunPower Dealer


PRVL Energy is your trusted SunPower dealer in Utah, with the highest level of training, and a customer service and quality guarantee to match. We are committed to exceptional service and quality in everything that we do, from the first time we meet with you to discuss your solar power needs, through the installation and beyond. We want to earn your trust with the best products and the best solar installers in Salt Lake City and throughout Utah.


Contact us today to find out more about the SunPower products that we offer, and make the switch to solar for your home or commercial building today.