Photovoltaic Energy Systems on a Metal Roof

Photovoltaic energy systems can be very versatile and luckily they can be installed on a metal roof! However, depending on the type of metal roof it can heavily impact the installation process.

For most solar panel installations, the panels are bolted through the shingles. For metal roofs, there are specific solar panel attachments and techniques to get the most effective usage and installation process.

Standing Seam Metal Roof

With a standing seam roof, the PV installation process does not consist of any drilling and is relatively simple. Special clamps are used in the installation process and the panels are attached to the roof seams. The clamps don’t actually infiltrate the seams but it provides a tight clasp in order to hold the PV components.

Metal Roof Shingles

Installing solar panels on metal roof shingles is a little more challenging than a standing seam roof because they require the roof to remain watertight throughout the installation process. The solar installer must take extra precautions and handle the metal shingles with care in order to keep the roof watertight.

There might need to be added water runoff points under the flashing as well as double or even triple the amount of flashing in order to protect the required watertight seal.

Choosing an Experienced Professional for Metal Rooftop PV installation

For any type of metal roof, it is important to choose an experienced photovoltaic professional for the installation process. Throughout the Intermountain West, metal roofing is not very common and therefore, neither is an experienced metal PV contractor.

At PRVL, the professional team has an extensive background installing PV systems on metal roofs. We understand the challenges that come with metal roofing and we have the equipment and knowledge to properly complete a safe PV installation.

Contact PRVL today to discuss a PV system for your metal roof.

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