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Make a Resolution to Save Money & Energy in 2021

Tired of making the same old resolutions year after year, like losing weight, eating healthier, exercising more? Ready to make a resolution that you can actually keep? Consider getting a residential solar system. Solar energy can help you save more money every month on your energy bills and save the environment by using renewable sources to power your home. Here’s why this is the ideal resolution to set for 2021.

Save Money

The average household uses almost 900 kilowatt hours (kWh) per month on electricity. The average cost of a kWh is over 13 cents in the U.S. right now, although that can vary depending on where you live. The cost of a kWh is impacted by a lot of things, but generally those costs have gone up over the years. At the current price, an average home pays about $115 a month for electricity. That probably goes up in the summer as you use more electricity to keep your home cool. If prices continue to go up (which they have historically done), your bills will only get more expensive over time.

Getting a residential solar system installed on your home can remove that monthly bill with renewable energy from the sun. While there are some up-front costs that you will pay for the solar system itself, your electricity bill will immediately disappear. Once you have the solar panels paid off, you get free energy from the sun.

Save Energy

While the global population has made some changes in our energy consumption, and we have made some progress toward more renewable energy sources, that progress has come slowly and haltingly over the last few years. It still hasn’t prevented global temperatures from rising. In 2018 we still spent more on subsidies for fossil fuels ($300 billion) than we spent on renewable energy ($289 billion).

Solar energy is leading the charge when it comes to renewable energy. Making the switch for your home or business could help move us toward lower fossil fuel emissions overall. While it might not seem like one household or business could make a dramatic difference, the only way that we will be able to pump the brakes on accelerating global temperatures is for everyone—governments, businesses, and individual households and consumers—to take the steps necessary to reduce and eventually eliminate reliance on fossil fuel energy.

It’s Easy to Switch

The best news about making a New Year’s resolution to use less fossil fuel energy and more renewables is that it’s not difficult to do. PRVL Energy makes it easy to move your home to completely renewable power from the sun instead of using power from your local grid. You’ll save money and together we’ll all take the right steps toward energy savings. Find out more about our residential solar systems today.

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