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Commercial Solar Energy Installation Options

Commercial solar energy installation is a worthwhile investment for any Utah business.

Adopting photovoltaic power greatly reduces electricity costs, saving businesses thousands of dollars every year. Plus, as today’s consumers place great value on sustainability, a solar energy system can be a mighty public relations and marketing tool.

Every photovoltaic project is unique, and professional contractors offer a range of mounting solutions. Here, we explain some of the more common types of commercial solar energy installations.

Commercial PV solar energy contractor

Roof-Mounted Solar Installation

Most Utah businesses that adopt photovoltaic power choose to install roof-mounted solar energy systems. Rooftop installations work well for a wide array of building footprints, and arrays can be attached with tilt-up or flush racking systems or mounted to ballasts, which do not require drilling into the rooftop.

With roof-mounted installations, the location allows for optimal photovoltaic power production. Plus, since the infrastructure to transport electricity is already in place, going with a roof-mounted array can be the easiest and least expensive option.

Ground-Mounted Solar Installation

Some businesses have rooftops that cannot accommodate a solar energy system large enough to meet their electricity needs. For many, a ground-mounted photovoltaic array is the right installation solution, as it can be placed at the ideal tilt and orientation to capture the sun’s energy. And, the amount of available land is the only limit to the size of a ground-mounted solar installation.

Carport Solar Installation

Utah businesses with large parking areas often opt for carport installations. Mounting a photovoltaic array at the top level of a parking garage or on a canopy structure makes good use of the space, essentially converting it into a power plant. And as an added bonus, the carport keeps the vehicles underneath cooler. Commercial solar carport projects sometimes include electric vehicle charging stations for employee or customer use.

Shade Awning Solar Installation

For small retail businesses and offices, a commercial solar shade awning can be an effective alternative to a roof-mounted or ground-mounted photovoltaic system. An awning can support an array that generates a sizeable amount of electricity, and the structure also keeps the building shaded.

The professional photovoltaic contractors at PRVL Energy have the expertise to design an efficient and cost-effective commercial solar energy system for any Utah business. As one of the only SunPower Elite Dealers in the state, the PRVL team has the skill, knowledge and experience to determine which type of solar installation is best for your business.

PRVL Energy offers free, no-obligation consultations to companies throughout Utah. To discuss plans for your commercial solar energy installation, contact us today.

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