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Make the switch to solar seamless when you use our SunPower panel installers in Salt Lake City. 

At PRVL Energy, our mission is to make renewable energy accessible for everyone. With us, you get fully integrated PV technology (the SunPower Equinox® system), a simple installation process and financing options to suit your needs. 

In three simple steps, you can have a high-performance solar power system and enjoy savings and incentives for many years.  

Design Proposal

Our elite services begin with a free, no-obligation consultation. We inspect your property, determine if solar is a good match for your home, discuss your budget, needs, and goals, and give you a custom solar design proposal. 

You’ll also get an estimate for how much energy savings you’ll get down the road. And you can choose a payment option that’s right for you: lease, loan or cash. 



Once you approve our design proposal, we set up your property for installation and obtain the necessary paperwork and permits. We customize your SunPower Equinox® system according to your home’s orientation and location, local weather patterns, city codes, and building materials. 


Once all the system’s components are in place, we’ll activate it and conduct a series of inspections to make sure everything is in order. We have a 25-year warranty for both equipment and performance to protect your investment from manufacturing defects, premature wear and tear, and environmental issues.

How Do Solar Panels Work?


Solar energy is not new, but recent developments in solar technology make panels more efficient than ever at capturing sunlight and converting it into electricity to power your home. PRVL Energy is a proud SunPower solar panels distributor, which means we only install the highest quality panels on your home or commercial building. If you’ve ever wondered how those panels work, here’s a quick overview.

Solar Panel Construction


Solar panels are designed with:

  • A layer of silicon cells

  • A metal frame surrounding the cells

  • Glass casing that covers the top and bottom of the cells to provide an added layer of protection weather and other elements

  • Protective back sheet that reduces heat dissipation and humidity inside the panels, improving the efficiency of your solar system

  • Anti-reflective coating to increase sunlight absorption

  • Wiring to connect it to the overall solar power system for your home


As sunlight hits the silicon cells (made of a non-metal conductive material), the electrons inside are set in motion and generate electricity. Scientifically, the process is called the photovoltaic effect. It was first discovered in 1839 by Edmond Becquerel and is a characteristic of many semiconductors that generate electrical currents when exposed to sunlight. When silicone photovoltaic cells absorb solar radiation from sunlight, the electrons move and generate a direct current (DC) energy.


Since pretty much of all of our power needs for homes and businesses use alternating current (AC), the solar panel system must also convert DC energy into AC energy. The wires on your solar panels move the DC electricity to the inverter so they can be converted to AC electricity for use in your home, and the solar energy you need right away flows through your electrical system to power device and appliances.

Net Metering and Grid Connections


Any excess energy that your system generates that isn’t immediately needed can either be stored in a battery backup within your system, or fed to the electric grid for others to use or for your local utility to store. This process, called net metering, gives you a credit on your account that offsets your electricity usage when your solar system isn’t working – for example, on a cloudy day or at night.


During installation, we’ll connect your solar system to your home’s utility meter (the device that measures how much electricity you use each month). For many homeowners, connecting to the grid and using net metering is a great option to minimize the cost of solar power storage, which can add to the up-front cost of a solar installation, and still allow you to get the full financial savings that solar promises, even if some of your energy usage occurs when the panels are not producing energy in real time.


How PRVL Energy Maximizes Efficiency with Every Solar Installation


Installation expertise is essential when it comes to getting the most out of your solar panels. At PRVL Energy, we know solar power in Utah is a great way to save money on your electric bills and go green, but to get maximum benefits they must be installed properly. Before, during, and after solar installation in Salt Lake City our experts:


  • Review your home or commercial building in advance to make recommendations on things that will improve your solar array’s ability to capture sunlight, such as trimming trees or removing other obstructions

  • Calculate the ideal angle for solar panels to capture that most sunlight based on the geographic location of your home

  • Carefully install your solar panels along with other parts of the system to minimize energy loss in the conversion process

  • Ensure proper airflow to keep panels from overheating and losing efficiency

  • Use only the highest quality materials as a SunPower solar panels dealer

  • Provide information on how to keep solar panels clean to avoid obstructing the flow of sunlight into the panels

  • Help maintain your system if something goes wrong with our extensive warranty coverage


Benefits of SunPower Solar Systems


The SunPower solar systems offer panels with world-record-setting 22% efficiency rating. It’s the highest rating ever achieved, which benefits you because you can get more power with fewer roof panels. These panels have been proven to generate more power in just 17 years that most traditional panels will produce in 25 years, making them 32% more efficient on average than other options. That means the same amount of energy with a less cluttered look on your roof, plus the proprietary mounting system and sleek minimalist design to avoid bulky panels that can be an eyesore.

Go Solar with PRVL Energy


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