Solar Power Financing Options

At PRVL Energy, it’s not just our fullyintegrated system and installation expertise that makes the move to home solar easy. We also provide three payment options that suit the varying budgets and needs of Utah households.


Choose among these financing methods:




This option lets you own a high-performance SunPower Equinox system and the energy it produces. Buying the system directly offers numerous benefits, including solar tax credits and other state and local incentives for which you are eligible. You may also use a home equity loan to purchase the system and enjoy tax deductions.




This method lets you own a SunPower Equinox system and pay for it with a loan. You may choose from a range of loan payment terms and conditions, including a full repayment option with no penalty. This option also lets you keep any solar tax credits you qualify for. Even with your loan payment and energy bills, you’ll still enjoy significant savings down the road.




With this option, SunPower owns the system on your roof. You’ll pay a monthly amount to rent it and use the energy it produces. The rent also covers system repair and maintenance. Even with your monthly rent and remaining utility bills, the cost is still much lower than relying on the grid.


All three payment methods let you enjoy our industry-leading Combined Power and Product Warranty. Not only that, you may also be eligible for financial incentives and utility rebates.


Power Your Home with Solar at Zero Down


Lock in greater savings and long-term value by working with PRVL Energy. The moment you flip the switch, you’ll start enjoying energy savings and helping the environment. Call us today for a complimentary consultation and estimate.